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Face-to-Face Interpreting

When You Need an Interpreter to Be There, Worldwide.

Whether your project is a single event or a series of meetings spanning the nation or globe, GLOBO makes scheduling a professional interpreter to arrive on location just about anywhere, at any time, a simple process. You can focus on your business needsGLOBO will handle the logistics and the language.


GLOBO’s web interpreter scheduling system makes it easy to order, manage, track and edit assignments; we put you in total control of your face-to-face interpreting needs. And a GLOBO project manager is always just a phone call away to help you with the process when you need it.

Geographic Coverage

Our expertise spans the globe. Our capabilities include over 200 languages in any market around the world. GLOBO provides customized interpreting based on your business needs. Please ask about our subject area specialties, including interpreting with specific business and industry knowledge, as well as the availability of interpreters with a variety of clearances and certifications.

Logistics and Equipment

GLOBO offers full-service management of your face-to-face interpretation needs. We will take care of the delivery, installation and support of equipment required for a simultaneous interpreting environment, accommodating the need for multiple languages and audiences of any size.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters

GLOBO offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters and will help you determine which your project requires.

Consecutive interpreters require the speaker to pause after every few sentences to allow time for the interpreter to render the speaker’s remarks in the other language. Commonly used for depositions, courtroom proceedings, medical examinations, informal meetings, trade show exhibits and conventions, business negotiations or receptions and tours. A consecutive interpreter becomes an integral part of the meeting as he/she is always in close proximity to the meeting participants.

Simultaneous interpretation means that the speaker’s voice is interpreted at the same time he/she is speaking, with only minimal delay. Most commonly used for larger meetings, training and events, including international conferences, business and community meetings. Simultaneous interpretation can require specialized equipment and engineers for installation and monitoring; delegates may listen to the language of their choice using headsets connected to multi-channel wireless receivers while teams of highly-trained multilingual interpreters work in soundproof booths.

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